Lord Jamar On Eminem Jay-z Mase 21 Savage Boosie Chinx Full Interview

Download link: Lord Jamar On Eminem, Jay-Z, Mase, 21 Savage, Boosie, Chinx (Full Interview).mp3

During this sitdown with DJ Vlad, Lord Jamar spoke about Eminem's latest album Revival and how the racial content will be heard differently by ignorant white fans. He also talks on Mase's recent diss to Cam'ron and how the Harlem rapper is underrated in term of his influence on the current direction of rap.

The Brand Nubian touched on how quickly the cops arrested two men in connection with Chinx's murder and the history of violence in the genre. Lastly, Lord Jamar discussed 21 Savage's critique of the older generation of rappers also doing the things they bash the new school rappers for doing such as drug abuse.

Listen to his full interview above.

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