Soul Contract Amv - - Xihua Luoye X Zicheng - Ill Stay By Your Side

Download link: [Soul Contract] AMV - 好在你没离开 - Xihua & Luoye X Zicheng - "I'll Stay By Your Side".mp3

This is the Interlude / insert song to Soul Contract / Spiritpact: 好在你没离开 (sang by Jalam). A Chinese Anime will have to use a Chinese music right? ;) I actually really love this song on my end when I first heard it, so I just have to do an AMV (my version) of my OTP: Duanmu Xi x Jinghua (Xihua/Jingxi). At first I just wanted to focus on them, but somewhere along the way, the idea of Luoye & Zicheng love / story comes into play, so I decided to add them into my AMV to kinda bring out the theme of 'Past vs Present'. I hope you like the outcome to the AMV.

Anyways, fans, please enjoy this AMV, and please rate/comment for feedback since I would love to hear what you think! :)

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