Chi Nei Tsang- Abdominal Detox

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"Relax. Think about your body. It's been a good friend; it deserves some time on its own." - Richard S. Omura
In Taoist Philosophy the mind and body are viewed as one, however, here in busy Hong Kong we are stressed, carry too much tension and are often too busy to listen to our own needs.
Our body is our temple, our peace lies inside. Come home into your body and reclaim your full vitality and potential through Chi Nei Tsang.
Grateful to Sifu Joe Lok and colleagues and friends, for their kind help in making the video happen _()_

An ancient form of detoxifying, energizing, abdominal detox massage, Chi Nei Tsang combines Chinese, Thai Massage and meditation techniques.

It works by stimulating your system and by promoting your Chi ‘life force’ to circulate more freely. The resultant release of repressed emotions and detoxification of your body will leave you free to truly embrace the richness of life.

Be in charge of your well-being and liberate your mind, body and soul by watching this ‘self-teach’ video and learning Chi Nei Tsang today.

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